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How To & Tips on Hiring a DJ Helping You During Every Step of Your Event Planning

We are here to help you during every step of your planning Long Island DJ hiring process. We want to assure you that every client’s special event will be a memorable one! Our staff is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to give us a call!

Questions To Ask When Booking Your Disc Jockey

Do you provide a written agreement?

It's very important to confirm your booking in writing. Terms should be clearly defined to avoid future problems.

Are you insured and incorporated?

Be confident that the DJ you hire will show up for your affair! Insurance will give the security and protection to you and your guests, as well as the DJ has expensive gear!

Do you have backup equipment and DJs?

Even professional audio equipment can fail on occasion, don't let this put an early end to your affair. Make sure there is backup equipment and be sure there is a backup DJ should an emergency or illness occur.

Is your equipment of professional quality?

There is a difference between home audio and professional road-worthy equipment. The equipment a DJ uses should be built to go on the road each and every day!

Will you listen to my suggestions?

Many DJs are of the opinion that they know the music is best for their audience and won't take requests. The DJ should listen to the requests and play them whenever appropriate.

Will you dress appropriately at my affair?

It is important that your entertainer look the part by dressing formal or semi-formal, according to your preference. Theme events and picnics require different attire.

Will you play the music at an appropriate level?

The biggest concern voiced by prospective clients is the volume level of the music. A professional DJ knows to keep the music at a level appropriate for the guests, especially during cocktails and the dinner hour.

Do you do more than just play music at the affair?

Most affairs involve more than playing music. It is important to have a DJ who is capable of playing the music, handling all of the announcements and helps to coordinate the affair.

Will you listen to my concerns and input?

A professional DJ is aware that they can't possibly know every aspect of music and entertainment, your input and suggestions should be welcome!

Can you provide music for my wedding ceremony also?

Absolutely! We have supplied music for many ceremonies in the past several years. We personally meet with you to assist you in the coordination of the ceremony and help you pick out your music selections.

What time will my DJ arrive?

Your DJ will arrive at least 60 minutes prior to the arrival of your guests. He will be set up, appropriately attired and ready to play when your guests arrive.

How far in advance do we need to reserve a date?

Many Saturdays are booked 9 - 15 months in advance and sell out quickly. Because we have several DJs, we can usually accommodate your event from six (6) months to one (1) year in advance. We suggest booking your DJ as soon as you have set your date.

How much should we tip our DJ?

Any gratuity or tip you wish to pay your DJ for an outstanding performance is certainly appreciated. The general rule is 10 - 15% based on his performance. Due to accounting purposes, please pay any tip directly to your disc jockey.

What if I have additional questions?

Call us anytime! We are happy to help you in whatever areas you need assistance.

How much do you charge?

Many people are tempted to ask this question first and consider it the most important when interviewing a prospective disc jockey service. This is not true. Price is important but should not be the determining factor. You want to get all of the information about the DJ and the services then take price into consideration. Look for getting the most for your money.

Remember one DJ may charge less because the company is less experienced or is not as well equipped to handle your function. In The Mood DJ Productions pricing is extremely reasonable. We provide excellent service with a great reputation, Over 20 years of professional experience, and very high demand for our services. Remember the law of supply and demand. There is a reason why our services have a high-demand, they are worth it. Shop around and look for the best over all package that fits your needs.

Reasons to Hire In The Mood DJ Productions

1. We provide a written contract.

We cannot begin to stress how important it is to get your booking confirmed in writing. All terms of the agreement should be in writing to avoid any complications at a later date.

2. We can provide references from previous clients.

References are an important part of any business service. Your Disc Jockey should be able to provide you with a current list of satisfied clients for you to talk with. We also recommend that you talk with other professionals such as caterers, photographers and videographers to get references on your prospective DJ.

3. We provide our own Liability Insurance.

Many of the finest halls and hotels are now requiring all professional event companies to show proof of insurance before performing at their facilities. In The Mood Productions is fully insured so you don't have to worry about any legal hassles. YOU CAN RELAX AND ENJOY your special event.

4. We have emergency equipment & personnel.

Even professional equipment can fail on occasion. So it is important to know whether your disc-jockey has spare equipment available. It is also important to make sure your DJ can provide emergency personnel in case of illness or accident. These circumstances are extremely rare, but at In The Mood Productions we do our best to be prepared for any problem which could arise.

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